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cheap nba Jerseys free shipping You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeLiverpool must continue to invigorate their squad with fresh signings or else they risk declining as Tottenham did under Mauricio Pochettino.That according to Paul Merson, who insists the Reds “need to buy” players who will push for roles in the starting XI despite the Anfield club lifting the Premier League trophy last week.The former England attacker cited Tottenham decline as a warning of what could happen if there is not sustained investment.Spurs finished as runners up in the Premier League in 2017 and finished third either side of that campaign with an exciting, young team under Pochettino management.But Merson insists they never built on their strong foundations and “it has came back to bite them”, with Pochettino dismissed in November.Transfer news LIVE: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and latest gossip”I think Liverpool need to buy, but it hard to know exactly where,” Merson told Sky Sports.”Spurs had a similar situation under Pochettino a couple years ago; they had such a good XI, that anyone they bought wasn likely to play much.”You can live like that, you have to keep competition and keep rotation.”There a fast food chain that sell more burgers or chips than anyone else, but they spend more on advertising than anyone else. You got to kick on.”But maybe at a later point in the year, if the transfer window is still open, we will know more.”It is not a squad you have to change now and say we need this position and this position If you are a football supporter, you want a backup for him and him, even if you are completely happy with everyone, you want backups. But we have to use this, 100 per cent. cheap nba Jerseys free shipping

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